Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dedications by Month & Day

Dedication by Month
January (Holy Childhood)
February (Holy Family)
March (St. Joseph)
April (Holy Spirit/Holy Eucharist)
May (Mary)
June (Sacred Heart)
July (Precious Blood)
August (Blessed Sacrament)
September (Mary’s Seven Sorrows)
October (Holy Rosary)
November (Souls in Purgatory)
December (Immaculate Conception)

Dedication by Day
Sunday (Holy Trinity)
Monday (Souls in Purgatory/Holy Spirit)
Tuesday (Guardian Angels)
Wednesday (St. Joseph)
Thursday (Blessed Sacrament)
Friday (Precious Blood)
Saturday (Mary)1

1 The fourth edition of The Catholic Source Book (Harcourt Religion Publishers) provides this list. The feast of the Holy Family is celebrated in December, and Holy Thursday can fall in March or April; otherwise, each liturgical feast indicated above occurs in that month.  Other books may have other lists—there is no official, worldwide linking of feasts and months. In any case, this custom reminds us that all time belongs to God, is a gift from God, and should be used for God’s honor and glory. (St. Anthony Press, December 2013 Page 51)

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