Saturday, November 16, 2013

Financial Planner Approaches Work In Christian Context

Chuck Locy may be a financial planner with an academic background, but he approaches his work in a Christian context and not only from the point of view of stewardship. ‘Planning for retirement and for management of your assets after your death requires a delicate approach. You want the client to approach it from a place of love versus a place of fear, he said.
‘Ego often gets in the way when a person feared they have not managed their affairs well. Everyone has a very personal expression of their emotional response to these analytical questions. Sometimes it also requires some spiritual growth”
While most people need for things to be tweaked, he said ‘improving the bottom line can often mean people have to change their habits. ‘We all have short term fantasies. We’ve all heard of the person who wins the lottery only to be bankrupt 18-36 months later. Having a windfall of a large sum of money will not change the bad habits of someone poor at relationships and managing their affairs. “You first have to get that debt behind you and the sooner the latter”
One meeting with a financial planner won’t change those emotions. It takes commitment to plan toward an objective,” he said. “Women seem to be better at it than men. It’s a cultural difference.”  He also has some counsel for those with assets who want to help other members of the family. “Be careful about the gifts that you make, you have to do it without expecting something to come back,” Locy said. ‘Let them go elsewhere for loans if you can’t make the loan or offer the gift with an open heart,
Locy said many financial planners have the first interview at no cost to the client. “Sometimes we can help; sometimes we can’t,” he said “We especially can’t help if the individual is not willing to be candid. They must tell us all.”

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