Friday, December 14, 2012

God’s Greatest Gift

The greatest thing God could give us was life – not only human life but a sharing in His own life.  This mystery is called grace.  Grace affects us at the very roots of our being.  We are as new as the day we were first created.  Yet the newness is not something “added” or laid on top of what we already are.  It soaks our nature, permeates our being – if we let it.  This means that the very power whereby God loves is our power.  The very wisdom and intelligence with which God loves is ours.  The very giving and going out, the generosity and feeling is all ours, for what is in God is in us, not by some kind of distant imitation but by our participation in God’s own life.
            Jesus showed us this life of grace that is God’s love.  He won for us our new creation through His own Spirit so that we can live the life of God in human form, as Jesus did.  God did not give us Jesus “outside” of ourselves only – a man who lived two thousand years ago – of even the Risen Christ “up there” on the altar.  God gives us Himself, Jesus, His Spirit inside us as fire is inside wood without being the same as the wood.
            If we let it, and in accord with our human limitations, we experience this new creation in our very being.  No transforming power surpasses the power of love.  A man or woman in love is a new person.  So are we, if we let God’s gracious gift of His own life soak into us.

“To Live as Francis Lived,” St. Anthony Messenger Press, Pg 19.

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