Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year Blessing

The single, most significant dimension of life is your relationship with the Source of Goodness who never ceases to sing love songs to your soul, so you:
1. find meaning, purpose, and vitality in what you do daily.
2. treasure your loved ones and let them know how dear they are to you.
3. make choices and decisions that reflect your truest self.
4. look in the mirror at least once a day and smile in happy amazement.
5. remember relationships are what count above all else - more than work or money, or all the material things we spend so much time tending.
6. live in an uncluttered manner, enjoying the freedom to be content.
7. keep your sense of humor when things don’t go the way you want.
8. marvel with each new day at the wonders of creation that constantly present themselves to you.
9. never give up on yourself when others turn away or do not understand.
10. are attentive to the health of your body, mind and spirit.
11. take risks and accept the growth-full challenges that come to you.
12. draw on your inner strength and resiliency when you are in need.
13. carry peace within yourself, allowing it to slip into the hearts of others.

So our planet becomes a place where violence, division, and war are no more.

© Joyce Rupp January 2004

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