Sunday, December 5, 2010

Praying Scripture

1. Scripture becomes a means for God to feed, heal, and love us.
2. We read Scripture in order to encounter God.
3. Reading the Bible invites us to experience God’s own self-manifestation.
4. Sacred text will not only inform us but transform us.
5. Prayerful meditation is the type of sacred reading Christ taught His disciples.
6. To read the Bible profitably it is necessary to do so with attention, constancy, and prayer.
7. We strive to totally surrender to the Divine promises and demands of scripture.
8. In order to fully embrace Scripture we must let it reach the depths of our hearts.
9. We grow in spiritual power through experiencing God’s presence in the inspired Scriptures.
10. The sacred text is itself a gateway to God.
11. We meet the God Who loves us and desires our response in the sacred text.
12. Learn to know the heart of God in the words of God.
13. The word of God and its power to transform us are gifts that we must accept into our lives.
14. Reverence before the mystery of God’s word instills humility within us.
15. When we reverently open the sacred text, we open our hearts to be formed by God.
16. Scripture must sink into our inmost hearts and pass into our affections and way of life.
17. The work of God’s Spirit is an ongoing reality within the sacred books.
18. The sacred texts remain inspired as they are filled with the Spirit of God.
19. Because of the indwelling Spirit, the word is alive and has the power to transform us.
20. The Spirit insures the Scriptures’ perennial youth.
21. In the prayful reading of Scripture will perceive the ultimate purpose and unity of it.
22. All sacred Scripture speaks of Christ, and all sacred Scripture is fulfilled in Christ.
23. God’s Word is now, incarnate and living.
24. Scripture echoes the Word Who is now alive in us.
25. When you pray you are speaking to your Father; if you read, He is speaking to you.
26. Through the cross, the Holy Spirit opened the eyes and the hearts of God’s people so they could experience Scripture as a great sacrament revealing Christ.
27. Christ’s offering on the cross transforms Scripture into the living Word.
28. The Scriptures always call us to face God and to confront ourselves.
29. His word communicates His healing strength and His saving authority.
30. The fruit of studying the Bible: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

1. According to the Bible, the heart is a person’s innermost core, the place from which one’s deepest longings, motivations, decisions, memories and desires arise.
2. The deepest form of communication with God is loving silence.
3. All true love must be expressed in action.
4. The sense of awe before God leads us toward silence and opens us to listen.
5. God’s purpose (will) will be effective to the degree that we anticipate being transformed by our loving God.
6. Christ reveals the ultimate meaning of God’s revelation.

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