Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy 100th Birthday Mother Teresa

Several Manhattan skyscrapers will honor Bl. Mother Teresa tonight by lighting up their buildings in blue and white, as today marks the anniversary of her 100th birthday! Empire State bldg. owners had also been invited by the Catholic League to participate, but inexplicably and to their shame declined this very special invitation.
Thanks be to God for giving us such a wonderful prolife model and extraordinary saint in our own times! Mother Teresa's life was spent in total devotion to Jesus and Mary and found expression to that love and devotion by serving Him in the poorest of the poor. In her recently published letters, she asks God to allow her to spend her heaven back on earth 'lighting the light' for those who are in darkness. (Devotional statues of Mother Teresa depict her holding out a lit candle.) How comforting to know her work continues!
Mother Teresa understood Christ's message found in 5 particular words found in Matthew 25:40 “Whatsoever you did to the least of these My brethren- You did it to Me". So in all our actions toward others --especially the poor and most vulnerable, St. Matthew tells us-- for good or for ill--Jesus is telling us that whatever we do to others, we essentially are doing it to HIM! Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II tell us that the unborn are the poorest of the poor. Will we ignore the words of Christ and his Shepherds? God's own image is on every single preborn soul, developing just as Jesus did in the womb of Mary --from a tiny Embryo! He knows each one of them by name and loves them infinitely! So when we minister to that preborn child and his mother, we minister as unto Christ! Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life knew Mother and says that Mother Teresa never missed an opportunity to declare these prolife truths, defending innocent unborn children to the very end of her earthly life.
Today also marks the 90th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting women the right to vote. To celebrate that event, Christian prolife feminists, including former USCCB Prolife Activities Director, Helen Alvare, gathered in New York City to participate in a seminar discussing implications of the amendment with regard to today's prolife movement. Panelists highlighted the need for educating women to better articulate the prolife message, and in so doing dismantle the deadly pro-abortion feminist rhetoric, which is riddled with lies and half truths. The panel talked about Christian women taking back the term ‘feminist’ by teaching and demonstrating the true and beautiful meaning of a God-ordained feminism. Prolifers are well aware that there is nothing beautiful about a so-called pro-choice feminism, because that falsified feminism is all about destroying lives and not at all about anyone ever having a real choice. That crowd has already stacked the deck against mother and child so both come out losers.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta was a true prolife feminist. In living out her womanly vocation as a Missionary of Charity, (Foundress of the Society) she served Christ wholeheartedly in the poorest of the poor-- filled with the Holy Spirit--totally given to God and neighbor! In so doing she became a Mother to millions around the world! Mother Teresa was awarded several high honors in her own life time including the Nobel Peace Prize and she held the admiration and respect of world leaders, kings and Popes.
May we all be inspired anew by Bl. Mother Teresa's uncompromising life and may we too go forth with her to 'light the light' for those living in darkness--those enmeshed in the Culture of Death--that they might see, hear and embrace the Gospel of Life! May God continue to bless all Missionaries of Charity around the world and may God prepare each one of us, by making us an effective instrument of His Peace-- through the intercession of Bl. Mother Teresa!
Happy Birthday dear Mother!

By Pat Mermelstein

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