Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catholic Characteristics

1. The belief in the physical incarnation of God as Jesus Christ.
2. A shared history and common traditions.
3. A hierarchical governing structure with obedience to the pope regarding matters of faith.
4. The use of sacraments and a strong commitment to Holy Communion
5. The belief in Mary, the mother of God, as intercessor.
6. A well developed reverence for the saints.
7. A rich tradition of spirituality and contemplative prayer, monasticism, and religious order.
8. The use of statues, pictures, and other religious and artistic symbols and a shared tradition of music.
9. A deep appreciation for faith as a set of beliefs that are not approached through pure reason.
10. The use of reason as a means of faith.
11. An emphasis on community as an essential ingredient of the faith journey.
12. A social doctrine based on the dignity of the human person.
13. A sense of responsibility for social justice and outreach.
14. An emphasis on the Church as the People of God.
15. Scripture as the foundation of Catholicism.
16. Lively participation in the services and ceremonies.
17. Embracing the whole world: its people, their beliefs, culture, social and economic concerns.
18. An emphasis on world peace.
19. Cooperation with other religions and respect for the validity of their beliefs.
20. A call for the end of anti-Semitism and a true respect for Judaism.
21. Valuing the role of the individual Catholic layperson as an emissary of Catholic values in society.
22. An end to discrimination of all kinds.
23. Recognition of the innate dignity of all people and all creation.
24. Upholding the individual conscience as the norm for morality.

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